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    DeTong offers the latest in environmental Technology. Follow the link to find out more!

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  • Operating Globally

    Based upon Chengdu, China, we are using our extensive network of partners to run projects in many different countries around the world.

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    We want to help rural Communities to become more independent and we think Biotechnology is a key component in this process.

DeTong is an Environmental Engineering Company based in Chengdu, China. It specializes in biogas technologies, biomass energy and environmental protection. In cooperation with global partners, we provide profitable solutions for clients around the world.

Chendu DeTong commissioned nitrile gloves production capacities in China, in the last 5 years, with a total productivity exciding 800 million gloves per month.

— Our Technologies & Services —

Dry Fermentation Solutions
Biogas Process Plan, Design and Engineering
Biotechnology and Equipment from Germany
Kitchen and Municipal Organic Waste Treatment
International Cooperation and Consulting
Wastewater Treatment and DEWATS

— Equipment —

DeTong Products

After years of research and development, DeTong brought an own product line to market. Developed in cooperation with its German partner BEB, we offer steel structure digesters with gas tanks as well as independent digesters that are suitable for a wide range of input materials.

European Imports

DeTong partners with a number of European Companies to bring their excellent products and expertise into the Chinese Market. We are the exclusive official representative for products from Indutec, Nock, Pronova and Steros.

Household Digesters

Household digesters can greatly improve the sanitation and living conditions in rural areas. DeTong offers 2 kinds of biogas digesters for households: soft digesters and FRP digesters. These can be accompanied by, for instance, stoves, boilers or rice cookers for use with biogas.

— Our Projects —

over 50

Successful Projects

on 4 continents

Active around the globe

over 60000 m³/d

accumulated Biogas yield